Welcome to Busch Microsystems

BUSCH Microsystems – Your personal system supplier for high-precision and ultra-precision engineering!

The precision engineering specialist Busch Microsystems, located in Bretzenheim near Bad Kreuznach, develops, produces and mounts precision components and systems as well as complete plants and machinery in a variety of materials, as granite, ceramics, stainless steel, aluminium etc., that guarantee highest precision. The professional system solutions of Busch Microsystems are used, inter alia, in the fine mechanical and optical industry, the automation industry and special mechanical engineering industry.

The engineering and manufacturing competence of Busch Microsystems includes more than the precise positioning systems, like gantry systems and XY-axis, but primarily the engineering, construction, assembly, alignment and commissioning of customized, high precision system solutions, complete plants and machinery, like multi-axis systems for special machines – including mechanics, electrics, pneumatics and hydraulics. As your competent partner, Busch Microsystems will gladly assist you with your specific technical problems in the field of precision mechanics.

The consulting competence of Busch Microsystems ranges from the assistance with the development of technical specifications through the development or engineering of customer-specific precision systems up to the design of prototypes and the serial production. In close cooperation, we realize your individual solution that complies best with your requirements. We are your reliable, competent and dynamic partner, who guarantees you highly precise, integrated system solutions!

Here you can find us:

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